Do you know that player?

With Minecraft making it so that players can change their username how do you make sure you know that player? Maybe someone has asked you if you remember them, but they forgot they changed their username. How do you figure out who someone really is? With our network of server owners submitting their players and UUIDs we are able to show you a history of almost any username or UUID! If you are a server owner wanting to contribute sign up today!

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We understand that some players and servers may not want to make their information public. To that end server owners can privateize their server from showing up in a user's stats. If you are a player you can hide which servers you play on.

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BungeeCord Support

We have both Bukkit and BungeeCord clients for your server, making it extremely easy to get started! With our in game commands to retrieve player's past usernames as well as their top server we've got you covered, no matter the situation.

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Free to Use

With up to 10 lookups per day per user, server or IP address it's plenty to get started. To do unlimited lookups or to add a description and website to your server listing just purchase a subscription for $5 every 3 months.

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